Press Page

This is a pic of me grilling oysters on Chopped GrillMasters.

Welcome to my press page! Being GrillGrrrl has given me some really fun opportunities, including: live tv grilling demos, women’s grilling clinics, Competing on the Food Network’s “Chopped Grill Masters”, working with brands such as Sears and Land O’ Lakes, a Cooking Channel Appearance,  newspaper/magazine mentions, and a web/youtube series. If you’d like to work with me on a project, contact me at


Food Network’s “Chopped Grilling Edition”, August, 2012.

Foodography: The Cooking Channel, July 2011

ABC Memphis:

Daytime TV (Nationally Syndicated)

The Morning Show (Fort Lauderdale)

Good Morning South Florida


Everyday with Rachel Ray May 2010), The Miami Herald (May 2011), The Palm Beach Post (July 2011), The Sun Sentinel (July 2010), The Tampa Bay Times (June 2010), New Times (July 2011), Knoxville Sentinel (June 2011), The Women of BBQ June 2012, Taste Magazine, June 2012, USA today tailgate edition 2012.

Web: “This Week in Grilling”- McCormick Grill Mates Youtube Series (May – August 2010), “Grill Grrrl” Webisodes- ongoing (2012)

Etc: Monthly online radio show- BBQCentralRadio


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