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kingsford smokehouse briquettes

Kingsford Announces Smokehouse Briquets

Do you use wood to add smoky flavor to the grill? Kingsford has just brought to market “smokehouse briquets”- a wood based briquet that needs no soaking- just add 4-5 briquettes to your ashed over coals for smokey flavor on the grill. A 2.8lb bag retails for $4.99 and will yield about 4-5 uses. I’ve […]

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rosemary lemon, grilled rosemary lemon chicken, spatchcocked chicken, how to grill a whole chicken

Rosemary Lemon Spatchcocked Chicken

I’ve gotten great mileage out of the preserved lemons I made a month or so ago. And I’ve also discovered that Rosemary paired with lemon is one of my favorite flavor combinations. If you don’t have preserved meyer lemons on hand, you can buy them at a specialty grocery store like Fresh Market or even […]

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