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Tailgating 2.0: Prosciutto and Havarti Jalapeno Poppers

None of these are EVER left over at my parties or tailgates. They are simple to make and grill, and aren’t too spicy because the seeds from the jalapeno have been removed. Sometimes I make these for dinner because I love them that much.  Ingredients:  10 jalapenos- tops cut off, with seeds and insides removed […]

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Tailgating 2.0: Tennessee Volunteer Go Orange Mini Pizzas from the Jacked Up Grill

Here's a tailgating recipe from our friends over at The Jacked Up Grill that screams “team spirit.” There's a lot of reasons to love this recipe. It's easy to make. Very little prep work. You can customize it to match your team colors. It is Vegetarian friendly. And it's delicious! According to Justin, here are the […]

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Tailgating 2.0: John Offerdahl's Ultimate Stuffed Inside Line Burger

Here's a full recipe from John Offerdahl, the Gridiron Griller!  For eight years, this all-pro linebacker for the Miami Dolphins prowled the NFL’s gridiron, looking for football or foe to devour. Now he’s roaming South Florida’s backyards and tailgates seeking the next great recipe to tackle his taste buds and yours. His name is John Offerdahl […]

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Tailgating 2.0: BBQ Nachos – Super Bowl of Nachos

Chris Grove of NibbleMeThis, is an all star griller and when I saw these nachos, I new they'd be perfect for “tailgating 2.0″. Here are Chris' directions: “I smoked a pork butt this weekend (click here to find why this cut from the shoulder is called a “butt”). The cook went pretty much as expected. Here […]

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Tailgating 2.0: Patio Daddio's County Fair Onion Burgers

John Dawson is one of my BBQ BFFS, and when I saw this burger, I knew I had to add it to the “Tailgating 2.0″ line up. If you are looking for awesome BBQ and grilling recipes to feed your family, check out his site at Here's John's mouthwatering recipe, in his own words: […]

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Kicking off the Tailgating 2.0 Series with Bristol Bash 'em Up Paninis

With football season in full swing, it's time to kick off my Tailgating 2.0 Series and feature football certified recipes of my own, as well  as recipes from my fellow grill enthusiasts. This new series is sure to turn heads at your next tailgate and even make you a couple of new hungry friends. Today […]

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Kicking off "Tailgating 2.0" with a Porterhouse Steak Give Away from Grand Western Steaks!!

HOLY CRAP that is a HUGE STEAK!!! That is what I said when I saw a picture of what Grand Western Steaks is going to give away to 2 lucky winners. As I've mentioned before in previous posts, Grand Western Steaks offers home delivery of high quality, sterling silver quality meat, right to your door. […]

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